What Boomerang is about

Today, Boomerang helps its customers focus on email that matters, when it matters. Our tools allow for reading and responding to messages faster and more decisively than before. These achievements mark only a small part of how we envision the company growing.

Our mission is to make productivity software that encourages people to be more productive. Some of the beliefs that will guide us as we work toward this mission include:

Our Team

Alex Moore


Alex does whatever he must, including but not limited to the slaughter of innocents, to keep Boomerang up and running. On weekends, he solicits "angel investors" for Boomerang off the coast of Somalia, operating under the name Brownbeard.

When neither pillaging nor developing, Alex enjoys watching Alabama football games, cooking in an eclectic Southeast-Asian-Southeastern-US fusion style, and kayaking in slow-moving streams.

Alex has a SB and MEng in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. He previously worked at Analog Devices.

Mike Chin


Were Python a Cobra, Mike would be her charmer. Blessed with preternatural patience, a voracious appetite for sushi, and a deep-seated love of elegant functions, Mike produces fabulous code at a frightening pace.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys rocking out on instruments (both real and plastic), watching television shows in languages he doesn't understand, and writing about robots and spaceships.

Before becoming our CTO, Mike attended Dartmouth, earning a BA in Computer Science.

Aye Moah

Chief of Product

Moah insists that people call her by her last name. A designer with a nose for code and a taste for funnel analysis, she can alternately be found on the phone with customers and elbows-deep in CSS. She designs all of the attractive, usable things that Boomerang builds.

Moah specializes in finding little ethnic restaurants with fantastic food and questionable hygiene. She has a knack for ordering whatever you wish you'd ordered when the food arrives and has a longer arm-to-height ratio than Michael Phelps.

Moah holds a Computer Science degree from MIT and previously designed software at much bigger, though less awesome, companies.

Alex Moore
CEO & Co-founder

Alex does whatever he must, including but not limited to the slaughter of innocents, to keep Boomerang up and running. On weekends, he solicits "angel investors" for Boomerang off the coast of Somalia, operating under the name Brownbeard.

When neither pillaging nor developing, Alex enjoys watching Alabama football games, cooking in an eclectic Southeast-Asian-Southeastern-US fusion style, and kayaking in slow-moving streams.

Alex has a SB and MEng in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. He previously worked at Analog Devices.

Mai-Chi Vu


With her impeccable taste, Mai-Chi brings happiness and beauty to Boomerang's products. She makes everybody look good.

In her spare time, Mai-Chi enjoys upvoting pictures of baby animals on Reddit, marathoning TV shows on Netflix, and having people guess her middle name. She has a great fondness of cheese, but is unfortunately lactose intolerant.

Prior to joining Boomerang, Mai-Chi was a graphic designer at Earthbound Farm. She has a BFA in Art & Design (emphasis in graphic design) from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Lo Marino

Customer Happiness

Lo strives to make our customers happy and keep them coming back for more while also maintaining the Feng Shui in the office.

Some of her favorite things include but are not limited to: cheese, laughing at really corny jokes, drinking coffee, melted cheese, making new friends, cheese flavored things, and anything you can drink which pairs well with cheese. If you’re looking for one of those people who makes you feel really funny because they laugh at all your jokes - then Lo is your girl.

Like Mai-Chi, Lo also went to Cal Poly, where she earned a Bachelors in Architecture. Right before joining the team, Lo fixed computers at a little place called Apple Inc and was a live-in nanny up in Seattle, but sunshine (and family) ultimately brought her back to California.

Chris Cichon


Whether it's fine-tuning our conversion funnels, connecting with journalists, writing copy, optimizing ad creative, or making a person's day on Twitter, Chris directs all things marketing. He focuses on customer growth and makes sure that the word about our products keeps spreading.

When he isn't concocting marketing experiments, Chris enjoys triathlons, craft beer, community, exploring new restaurants, and being an extrovert. Yes, he will talk to you if you're behind him in line somewhere or sitting next to him on a plane. When asked, he admits that he also likes cheese, but not goat cheese (don't get crazy).

Before joining Boomerang, Chris managed digital marketing at SanDisk. He holds a BA in Economics from the University of California, Irvine. Go Anteaters!

Johannes Liem


Johannes is a software engineer who loves productivity. Meticulous and thoughtful, he makes useful, reliable products that bring joy to everyone fortunate enough to use them.

Johannes enjoys playing all three races in StarCraft, trying out new board games, and sending funny Reddit finds to the rest of the team.

Before Boomerang, Johannes worked at Google. He has a BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

Sam Tang


Sam is a software engineer who enjoys building things that are as fun to use as they are to look at. Outside of work, you'll often find him watching really terrible films or putting Sriracha on everything he eats.

After leaving the verdant paradise of Seattle to study Computer Science and Architecture at Amherst College, Sam learned not only how magically delicious NYC lamb over rice is (with extra white sauce), but also that having four seasons is overrated and that the west coast is, indeed, the best coast.

Victoria Do


Victoria is a software engineer who loves the web! Another NorCal native, she is returning to the Bay Area after receiving her BS in Computer Science from UC San Diego.

In her free time, Victoria enjoys reading questionable legal advice on Reddit and entertaining her cat Romy. She loves Vietnamese food, beer, and tacos (though she has been spoiled by the quality and abundance of tacos in San Diego).

Brendan Greenley

Data Science

Brendan loves to dive into datasets and tell stories with the patterns he finds. Fortunate enough to have found a patron for his data delving passion, he recently made the jump to the west coast after spending most of his life and career in the Washington D.C. area.

Brendan double majored in finance and government at the College of William & Mary, located in the exciting and electric city that is Colonial Williamsburg. He's an avid traveler, aspiring app developer, and a huge hockey fan (go Capitals!) His prior experience includes being a consultant at PwC, managing customer success and SEO efforts at Triblio, and volunteering at a hostel in São Paulo, Brazil.

Alison Wu

Customer Happiness

As part of the Customer Happiness team, Alison provides assistance and support to Boomerang's users.

Alison loves cats, reading on public transit, and leisurely hikes.

Before Boomerang, Alison worked in youth employment at the Japanese Community Youth Council. She holds a BA in English Literature and Sociology from UC Davis.

Megan Dwyer


Megan is a software engineer who loves to make things animate.

During lunch, Megan can be found eating her favorite food, Japanese curry. She is afraid of bot flies and her solar-powered cat statue which for some reason only activates at night. Her favorite animal is the Honduran white bat.

Before joining Boomerang, Megan graduated from University of Florida with a degree in a Computer Science and a focus on Digital Arts.

Anna Bui

Office Operations

With a good eye on small details and everyday tasks, Anna manages different aspects at Boomerang. She wears different hats and dances around to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Weight rooms and coffee shops are her favorite places. Anna has road tripped through most the U.S. and parts of Canada to eat, hike, and explore abandoned buildings with her best friends: Poi Poi, Hades, and Zeus.

Prior to joining Boomerang, Anna spent a lot of time studying and working in different labs as a Lab Technician and Research Assistant. She has a BA in English Literature with a minor in Psychology from UC Davis.

Cody Huang


Cody is Made in Taiwan, but imported to San Jose, CA. For him, paradise would be playing nostalgic video games, drinking boba, and tinkering with gadgets. Being a curious person, he's a DIY type of guy, always wanting to make things rather than buy. In his spare time, he's usually coding, looking at car stuff online, or eating Asian food with family and friends.

Cody studied Electrical Engineering at UC Davis. After graduating, he became a Circuit Designer at Intel while learning iOS development on the side, which eventually became his full-time profession.

Frank James


Frank is a software engineer who loves dogs.

Outside of work, Frank enjoys going to concerts, writing dumb jokes on Twitter, and growing his (tiny) vinyl collection. When he has extra time, Frank likes to imagine what life would be like if he were an actual dog. Like a puppy or something. Woof woof.

Before joining Boomerang, Frank earned a BA in Computer Science from Vassar College.

Steve Molitor


Steve is a software engineer from Philadelphia who loves music ranging from Stravinsky to Motörhead to Wes Montgomery (especially if guitar is involved). He has composed some music of his own and enjoys playing rock, jazz, metal, and blues music on the guitar. For him, it's tough for any food to top a good burger or steak.

Steve graduated from Amherst College with a BA in Computer Science and Music.

Nitisha Desai


Nitisha is a Software Engineer who recently moved to the best coast from the best city - NY and is glad to have escaped another year of Polar Vortex. In her spare time, you will find her on Instagram - adding to her list of places to visit, or checking out puppy videos. Apart from travel, she enjoys exploring new cuisines, swimming and all tech geek devices.

She is born and raised in Mumbai; has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Arizona State, and a Masters Degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to moving to the valley, she was working at Deloitte in their Discovery and Forensics practice.

Xin Guo


Xin was made in Xiamen, China, a coastal city known for its hospitality, cat cafes, and seafood simmered in soy sauce. She received her MFA in Media Design Practice from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, where she made satirical comedy mocking overwhelming wearable devices, volunteered at Space Panda Museum as a guide, and designed fancy dining experiences with cake printing robots and salad-foraging drones. After graduation, she drove all the way to Mountain View with her fold-away bed to start her career at Boomerang.

When she is not designing, you can find her in the kitchen inventing new cuisines, treasure hunting in boutiques, thrift stores, and flea markets, finding $ - $$$$ restaurants and posting food photos on Instagram.


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Hey, weren't you "Baydin" before?

We were - thanks for noticing! Over the past five years, tens of millions of people have used or heard about Boomerang, but almost none of them knew that the company behind it was named Baydin. So while the Baydin name will live on in some official documents, our customers can simply think of us as Boomerang.